Accessories and jewelery

Alessories makes delicate bridal accessories using tulle, pearl beads and handmade lace for an antique look.

Ami Atelier‘ recycles accessories, restoring them to their original value whilst also enriching them with something extra to make beautiful and useful objects which have an antique, Victorian feel.

de dimineata is run by Diana Calin: a Cluj based jewelry designer who uses natural methods and antique metals to create beautiful embroidered felt necklace pendants, jewelery and accessories.

Kittenhood is an online shop selling feminine accessories with thin, romantic fabrics, antiquated charms, stitches of all sorts. It is run by Daria, a 26-year-old freelance writer/social media enthusiast living in Cluj-Napoca.

The Art of Murmu is run by artist and jewelry designer Raluca Murmu who is based in Cluj-Napoca.

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