NGO’s and cultural organisations

Traditii Clujene, Cluj-Napoca

Traditii Clujene is a special institution, subordinated to Cluj County Council, which has the purpose of researching, transmiting and promoting the traditional culture of Cluj County.

Transylvania Trust, Cluj-Napoca

The Transylvania Trust is a registered charity, set up by conservation professionals and volunteers in 1996. Its principal aim is to conserve and promote Transylvania’s rich and diverse built heritage, to encourage the society to be receptive towards the built environment.

Mihai Eminescu Trust, Sighisoara

The Mihai Eminescu Trust is dedicated to the conservation and regeneration of villages and communes in Transylvania and the Maramures, two of the most unspoilt regions of Europe.

Ratiu Center for Democracy, Turda

The mission of The Ratiu Center for Democracy is to promote democracy as a way of life by encouraging research, promoting learning, informing others and practically applying democratic values and behaviours locally, nationally and internationally, so that as many as possible may benefit.

Institutul Cultural Roman, Bucharest

The Romanian Cultural Institute, a public body founded in 2003, is tasked with raising the profile of Romanian culture around the world by spreading information and spearheading cultural projects involving Romanian artists and writers.

The Folklore Archive of the Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca

The Folklore Archive of the Romanian Academy Cluj-Napoca is the oldest research institute of the Romanian Academy, founded in 1930, and has over 750.000 unique items.

Romanian Cultural Center London

The Romanian Cultural Centre in London is an independent association established in 1994 by a group of UK-based Romanians. The Centre promotes Romanian cultural programs and acts as the focus for the Romanian community in Britain.

Pro Patrimonio

Pro Patrimonio is a non-governmental independent foundation in Romania whose mission is to safeguard, restore and emphasize the natural, architectural and the cultural and traditional patrimony of Romania.

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