Collecting vs. projecting

The purpose of the archive is to connect people involved in promoting, selling, creating or displaying crafts in Transylvania. It also serves as a point of inspiration for people who would like to become more involved in Transylvanian crafts. Moreover, made.in.transylvania hopes to create international recognition for Transylvania’s unique and vibrant crafts scene, and promote Transylvanian crafts worldwide. In doing so we hope to support small businesses, cottage industries and freelance and independent artisans making traditional, quality goods.

Preservation vs. innovation

This archive is not only dedicated to traditional crafts, but also to innovative artists and craftspeople who are continuing the tradition of creating handmade products.

Community archive

The archive depends on the collaboration of people from all over Transylvania. Fom the smallest village worshops to huge city festivals anything and everything to do with Transylvanian crafts will be collected in the made.in.transylvania archive. fom the smallest village worshops to huge city festivals. Use this archive to promote your work, connect with others, announce an event, relate a personal story, display beautiful photgraphs, or anything else you can think of.

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