DIY: Pretty gift wrap paper

After the Papergirl Cluj-Napoca post, I thought it would be a great opportunity to continue with the paper theme with this DIY gift wrap paper tutorial by Handmade by Meda.

Meda Halmaciu has been previously featured on in this interview by Didi Kasa. In case you don’t already know, Meda set up her own successful wedding invitation business based in Cluj-Napoca as well as writing a fantastic blog with plenty more tutorials.

I often get questions about what materials I use and where I buy them from. While I do buy some stuff online or from local art stores I believe expensive materials and complicated techniques are not necessary to create art. I am always happy to make something beautiful using ordinary things found around the house. I have a huge box filled such things from old sweaters to empty cans and kitchen paper rolls.

Actually paper is my favorite thing to use. I have a huge respect for it. I reuse my packaging and never throw paper away, but rather find a way to transform it into something beautiful that can be used again.

Here is how to transform ordinary wrapping paper even if it’s wrinkled and non usable otherwise.

1. Gather some art supplies that you have around the house. If you had nothing else but a set of acrylics and a paint brush, that would be enough.

2. Start covering your paper with paint. Here I have used a dark palette of browns and black. Try not to think too much while doing it. Just have fun and do not over do it so the individual colors can still show. If you don’t have a paint brush use anything that can leave a mark (tissue paper, sponge, your hands, etc.)

3. Once you are happy with the background, start decorating your paper.

I used a wooden print block from India, but you can use many other things (stamps, fruit-as-stamps, gel pens, inks). Your imagination is the limit.

4. You can stop here, or, if you are into details like I am, this will seem too easy and in need of some harder work. Take a no. 2 brush and start adding details using gold acrylic paint.

5. Let it dry for 5 minutes (that is all it takes, really), wrap your gift and decorate it with other things you can find around the house.


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