Handmade by Patrick: An interview by Provocari Verzi

In one of my previous posts, I interviewed the inspirational team behind Provocari Verzi: Rux, Oana, Ramo and Rha. Their blog promotes the principles of the 3Rs – recycling, reusing and reducing – by challenging crafters across Romania to create a handmade products using recycled materials on a monthly theme. Patrick, the winner of the 5th Green Challenge on Provocari Verzi. His creation, an airplane, had all it took for being a winner – great design, attention to details and (of course) green materials.

P.V.: Welcome to Provocari Verzi Patrick! We are happy that you have joined our green community with your wonderful creation. We would love to know you better, so please tell us a bit about yourself!

Patrick: Glad to be here. I’m a 32-year-old guy, living in Brasov. I love to keep childhood in my life, to work on different objects and play with the available materials. For a few years now I’ve discovered that I love to create to relax.

P.V. Ramo: How did you discover your passion for handmaking?

Patrick: I discovered this passion some years ago, when, wanting to read while staying in bed, I needed a lamp. After a little thinking and analyzing the materials available in the basement, I found a bamboo table, a piece of polystyrene and a cable with a functional lamp holder. And this is how I’ve created my first handmade object. And sometimes I still make lamps.

P.V. Rha: Taking into account the fact that there are lots of kits on the market, what do you think the chances are for products made using recycled materials?

Patrick: To be honest I hope that in the near future products created by recycling catch the buyer’s eye to a greater extent in our country. For now, it is hard enough to convince the Romanian buyer / consumer to buy these products and to think about recycling. We have to keep in mind however that we live in a country where everything new and ‘made in china’ is often considered to be better.
Those colorful creative kits often divert attention from beautiful things created with lots of passion and hard work.

P. V. Oana. What are your favorite materials to work with?

Patrick: I like working with wood, bamboo panels, wallpaper and I’ve just started to work with napkins.:)))

P. V. Rux: We would like to find out more about your work – the airplane! I have to admit that I was impressed by the details, the execution, by everything! For me it is definitely a collection piece. How did you get the idea?

Patrick: One evening while enjoying a glass of wine with me girlfriend she told me about your challenge and at that moment I remembered I had some cardboard boxes to pack the lamps I’d started making. The first thing that I thought of was an airplane and the next morning I started building it.

P. V. Ramo: What do you believe to be the impact that recycled/reused products have on customers?

Patrick: Well it depends very much on the clients. There are those clients that you can clearly see the impact the creations have on them because they admire them, ask questions and usually buy them. These clients have usually traveled abroad, where handmade products and recycling are highly appreciated and they are very pleased to find these kinds of products here too.
On the other hand, there are those who are way behind and the impact is clearly negative – they consider these kind of products as simply plain garbage and when they hear about the price they throw back the classic question “What are they made of? Gold?!”

P. V. Rha: What made/convinced you (to) participate in our challenge at Provocari Verzi?

Patrick: I was attracted by the emphasis on recycling because it’s in tune with my beliefs and convictions.

P. V. Oana: How do you see recycling as part of your projects?

Patrick: It is a very important part of my projects and I always try to reuse materials so I don’t have to buy something that I can do by myself or I already have.

P. V. Rux: Do you believe that people know enough about what the principles of the 3Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce) mean? Is this a healthy principle of life, good for people, animals and, in general, for the environment?

Patrick: Yes, the younger generation has grown up with this spirit in our country, knowing very well the principles of the 3Rs. However, this issue requires greater commitment on national grounds so that the idea becomes even better known.

P. V. What is your message for Provocari Verzi, as well as for those who participate in the challenges or follow our activities?

Patrick: Keep going with these wonderful ideas! I wish luck to all of those who participate in the challenges and for those who don’t, I have the following message: Do try to create wonderful things by yourself!!!!

You can see more of Patrick’s creations on his facebook page Handmade by Patrick

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