Handmade by Meda: An interview by Didi Kasa

In my previous post I interviewed one Miss Didi Kasa, a recent advertising graduate and design fanatic who runs the website Sugar. The name is Sugar. Today I am posting her interview with Meda Hălmaciu who is an expert at all things paper and produces beautiful handmade wedding invitations.

Take it away Didi..

1. Your name [+age], location and occupation:

Meda H.: Meda Hălmaciu, 29 years old [feeling 22], Cluj-Napoca, independent artist specializing in handmade wedding invitations.

2. Tell us about yourself and your hobbies & interests.

Meda H.: I am married and I have a 10-month-old boy. Everything else in my life is just paper, colour and imagination. I am definitely a day dreamer.

3. When and how did you come up with paper art as a hobby/ artistic manifestation?

Meda H.: I have always been creative. I remember making my own decorations at Christmas or doing intricate glass paintings, but I had this idea that art was not a bread earner.

So I decided to follow a different path and studied Economics. Then I made my own wedding invitations [I can’t remember why], then I made some greeting cards, and one day, after 22 years of searching for it, there it was: the one thing that I will never get : paper art. I decided it was never to late to take another path and went to art school. Time has stopped ever since.

4. How would you describe your artwork?

Meda H.: I think “elegant” is a word that best describes my style. I am always experimenting with new things, but whatever I do, there is a little bit of “me” in it, as a friend would put it.

5. What inspires you?

Meda H.: Images, color and art materials. I like good photography and I love how one photo can take you in a new world without having to get out of your home. I also like color palettes. I often start a new design because I love how certain colors look together. And I love art materials. I am spending every extra dime on paints, mediums, brushes, patterned paper, tools etc.

6. Name some of your favourite artists!

Meda H.: My favourite anything will always depend on the moment. I am now in a mixed media, art journalling and watercolor phase, so my favorites today are

Alisa Burke

Donna Downey

Christy Tomlinson

7. Are You selling or willing to exhibit your artwork? Where & when?

Meda H.: I am currently in maternity leave and I only have little time to work.

I will not exhibit anytime soon, but I have a few projects that I hope to get done this year. One of them is my invitation website. I am also considering the idea of teaching if I can somehow find the time.

8. Links [online portfolio, facebook page, website, shop]:

Meda H.:

Handmade by Meda blog

Handmade by Meda on Facebook

Invitatii Couture [website abandoned-under-construction-hopefully-on-this-year]

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