‘The name is Sugar’: An interview with Didi Kasa.

When I first meet Didi Kasa, I can’t help but think how sweet she looks. Her petite frame, her wide, smiling eyes and her tiny feet (she later admits she often has to buy children’s shoes to fit them.) So, it’s not surprising that her friends nickname her Cukri (Sugar).

When I stumbled across Didi’s blog Sugar. The Name is Sugar I was blown away by the sheer range of skills, hobbies and interests she has: ‘I’m mostly an advertising student, freelancer graphic designer and illustrator, sometimes event planner or even PR adviser, art passionate & curator, coffee lover, *insert-all-kind-of-trendy-artsy-qualities* and so on.’ As our interview went on I realised that her sweet demeanour is a little deceptive; Didi is a small but mighty force of nature.

Didi has just finished a degree in advertising (the first year to graduate since the course was set up), but her real love is for graphics and design. She discovered computers early on after creating her own Hi5 page layout and continues to use her knowledge of computer programming to express her love of visual design. She is supported by her boyfriend (a software developer) and they live together with their cat who they nickname ‘Missy P.C.’ With such a computer orientated home life, it came as no surprise to Didi when her boyfriend bought her a domain name for Women’s Day in 2011.

Didi already had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to write about as she juggles her love for computing with a deep appreciation for arts, design and aesthetics. She began (amongst other things) to embark on a series of local artist interviews. ‘Most of them are my friends’, she says, as I am surrounded by artists in my life. They fascinate me and I want to know more about them; how they come up with their ideas, what inspires them.’

Didi tells me these interviews are her way of supporting local culture and promoting the inspiring people who live in Transylvania, a region she loves. ”I don’t want to move away from Transylvania, and if I did I would definitely come back. It can be a difficult place to live in, but if you want to make things better you have to do it yourself. I believe people should shine where they are put.’

‘Transylvania is the place the everyone always wanted. I think that is why people here are so creative, so friendly and always take the initiative; we always had to adapt. People learnt to live alongside their Hungarian and German neighbours.’

Didi writes her blog entirely in English, something that I found curious as an English person in Transylvania. Didi, however, believes it was just a natural choice. ‘I always loved communicating in English. When I was little I thought it was awesome to have a friend to speak English with. It was something different. It may sound a little weird but I talk to myself and think in English.’ She tells me that whenever possible she interviews the artists in English too.

Didi is used to being the interviewer, and she was initially surprised when I expressed an interest in her project. ‘I must say I am not much of an inspirational person myself, I mostly interview people with artistic vibe and manifestations because I believe in some sort of cultural knowledge and it’s connection with art.’ However, people like Didi are essential in connecting and communicating ideas about art and crafts. She is dedicated to using her expertise in information technology and social media to supporting artists and young creatives in Transylvania.

‘I  guess I just like knowing things. I’m curious. I just need to share these things and put them out there into the world.’

To find out more about Didi Kasa and read her artist interviews, you can visit her website Sugar. The name is Sugar.

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