DIY: Black statement necklace

Happy Accessories is run by Alexandra Chereches, a Brasov-based jewlery designer who makes products designed to bring joy to their wearers. As her motto goes ‘if you can smile, you must be happy!’

She makes a very diverse range of accessories, but all are colourful, bold and beautifully made. In this tutorial, Alexandra gives step-by-step instructions to make a net flower statement necklace in the style of her work (seen below.) If you like this one, her blog is full of more tutorials from beaded rings to felt amulets.


-Net material;
-Needle, thread, scissors;
-Seed beads;
-Metal accessories: catch, metal clips, chain;
-Silver chain;
-“Round nose” pliers to do loops;
-“Flush cutter” or cutting pliers;


1. The first step is to make the petals which will form the flowers.
Cut the net into circles of different sizes and burn the edges. Then arrange the petals on top of each other so you form rich flowers.


2. Choose beads or pearls for the heart of the flower: I used 2-3 mm seed beads and 4 mm pearls.



3. After you have sewed the flowers together you can decide how you want them to be arranged.


For this, I used felt that I cut into a horseshoe shape (you can cut it to your own preference.)



4. Sew the flowers to the felt and then attach the metal clips to the ends of the felt to mount the necklace.





5. First, attach the jade beads to the catch of the necklace, then measure how long you need your chain necklace to be and cut it to size using the cutting pliers.


Finally, attach the jade beads catch to the chain, and the chain to the metal clips, and go!



I would be glad to see that you made using this tutorial! You can see it on


For more information about Alexandra check out her blog, or to buy her Happy Accessory products visit her online shop.

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