Lidia Puica: ‘I like to have no limits in what I do’

Anyone who makes crafts knows that finding inspiration can sometimes become a bit of a headache. Perhaps you are lacking time, or perhaps there is nothing around you that gets your creative juices going, but when your imagination fails you projects get left half-finished and neglected, or you can find yourself falling back on old, familiar ideas.

When I first saw Lidia Pucia’s accessories (or perhaps ‘creations’ is a better word) I was blown away. Her work is consistently unique, prolific and bursting with imagination. It’s hard to believe they all come from the head of one girl. She manages to create complex and intricate pieces that use a range of techniques but somehow keep a simple harmony. Lidia’s motto makes it seem so simple: ‘Its all about form and colour.’

In this post, Lidia shares her secrets for finding inspiration in the world all around us, and explains the benefits of courage and confidence to constantly experiment and reinvent the way you create.

I have been passionate about crafting since childhood. My grandmother was a seamstress and gave me my first sewing lessons. I still have some dresses sewn by her. Perhaps this is where my passion for fabric and thread comes from. Later, someone gave me book of jewelry crafting using unconventional materials and that started the whole experience.

Initially I didn’t think about starting a business out of my crafting. Everything came naturally. I think my background studies left their mark in terms of the appearance of my creations. After years of absorbing artistic knowledge in the field, I began to produce instinctively and naturally. In the creative process I try to use 50% thinking and 50% feel. I think by doing so, I manage to create harmony within my jewelry.

Nature is my main inspiration. When I say nature, I mean the forms, colors, textures, rhythms, events, etc. The natural world is an inexhaustible and unlimited inspiration, I think that’s the main reason I chose it. I like to have no limits in what I do. When I find the occasion to travel or walk then I try to analyze the nature around me, the details, shapes and textures. I also try to use natural materials as much as possible. I love wood, cotton, wool, stones and shells. Natural materials definitely give special value to jewelry.

One creation can be finished within hours, another in a few days. It depends on each object and the complexity of the idea. I work everywhere: at home, on green grass, anywhere with the right conditions. I remember a case when I had the opportunity to work on the train while traveling, although it is difficult to crochet while the train is moving.

I like to combine different techniques in my craftwork. By using beadwork and crochet, I am able to get interesting textures, volumes and layers. I also research jewelry and what others do, especially for inspiration in the technique and materials that I use. When I see some interesting ideas, I try to develop them and realize them in my own style. I have some favorite jewelry artists that have impressed me with their organic inspiration, such as Jean-Francois Perena’s beautiful leather jewelry and Tzur Gueta Studio’s impressive silicone creations.

I find it a wonderful thing to use traditional techniques or ‘grandmother hobbies’ to materialize new ideas. It seems the trend for handmade products is global, and Romania is no exception. In Cluj, I have made many friends who are passionate about crafting and managed to make beautiful collaborations with some of them. I have noticed that in Transylvania, the focus is on traditional techniques and materials, and that people are quite open to crafting. There are associations of craftsmen who regularly organise fairs that bring together people who are passionate about it.

In the future, I plan to work as much as I can and to continue to evolve in what I do. I would like to start experimenting with new materials and techniques and one day have a real workshop. To be a successful craftsman I think you can make anything as long as it offers something different. You need to come with something new to attract fans and succeed in pleasing buyers. I believe by experiencing the world we always manage to find and create something new and unique.

To see Lidia Pucia’s full collection visit her online Breslo shop.


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