Noémi Lovász: ‘Tree of Life’ print exhibition

As part of the Photo Romania Festival, an exhibition of multi-media printworks by the artist Noémi Lovász was held in the “Lucian Blaga” Central University Library. For those who missed it here is a slideshow of her work.
The exhibition ‘Pomul Vieţii’ (Tree of Life) draws on the natural motifs and symbols of renewal, immortality and fertility. She is also inspired by popular decorative elements of of traditional folk emboridery.
Her work combines traditional printing techniques (woodcut and linoleum engraving) with experimental graphic techniques to make unique paintings. The works plays with various compositions, combining straight lines with wavy, curving and twisted patterns to combine the rhythm and sinuous lines of the landscape with clear forms of traditional embroidery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A graduate of University of Art and Design Cluj (2002), Noémi Lovász has held numerous exhibitions both in Romania (Cluj, Aiud, Baia Mare, St. George, etc.) and abroad (Hungary and Serbia). Find out more about her here.

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