TIFF Festival: Films vs. fashion

On the premise that fashion and films are inextricably linked (think Audrey Hepburn or Annie Hall), Le Fabuleux Magasin de Mireille organized a three-day vintage fashion fair under the name and slogan ‘Targutu Vintage…is on!’

Crafter lovers and vintage hunters gathered together in the decaying grandeur of the former Hotel Contintental, with it’s glass mirrored ballroom and peeling paint in the grand reception, to form a colourful and eclectic market displaying some of Cluj’s finest handmade crafts and products.

Cimpan Istvan has been running a fashion design label from Fabrica de Pensule for the past year, working with artist Cristina Gagiu to create unique, illustrated shoes for men and women.

Ami Atelier‘s stall felt like rooting through your grandmothers jewelery chest and pulling out faded gems and precious relics from a bygone age. Her goal is to recycle various items, restoring them to their original value whilst also enriching them with something extra to make beautiful and useful objects which have an antique, Victorian feel.

Atelierele Harniciei is Cora Sevianu and Daniela Paun, two talented craftswomen who run a sandal and accessory workshop from Cluj. Their stall was a burst of colour in the dusky Hotel Continental, with multicoloured summer sandals to remind you it’s time to kick off those winter boots.

Marillys products looked good enough to eat, and you probably could… everything is 100% natural: herbs and dried flowers, natural vegetable oils, honey and beeswax, fruit and vegetable extracts.

Alessories had bright and eyecatching range of bow ties – perfect perhaps for one of those TIFF premieres. On the flip side Alessories owner Alex also make delicately understated bridal accessories using tulle, pearl beads and handmade lace for an antique look.

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